Web Delivery: Embedded and Full-Screen CDF

CDF files can be embedded as objects within web pages or viewed as full-screen documents within a browser. Embedding CDF objects can be as simple as pasting a snippet of code provided by Mathematica when saving the file or by manually entering an <embed>-tagged object in your HTML.

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The example above can be expressed as simply as with the following single line of HTML code, indicating file name and image size:

<embed src="VoronoiDiagram.cdf" width="588" height="380">

The same method works for blogs, but we also offer a WordPress Plugin for easy access to the same JavaScript referenced by Mathematica's embedding code and as used throughout this site, which guarantees cross-platform compatibility and directs viewers to the Wolfram CDF Player when needed. Watch this video about embedding CDFs to see how it works. Visit the Resources section to learn more »

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