Linguistics Computation Developers

The Company

Wolfram is full of entrepreneurial people working together to accomplish great things. It's a friendly and intellectually stimulating atmosphere set up to maximize individual productivity and achievement and to accommodate a wide range of working styles. Whether it's remote work, flexible schedules, or modern project management, Wolfram has long been a pioneer in employee-oriented workplace practices.

The Role: Linguistics Computation Developer

We are seeking knowledge-hungry, programming-savvy individuals to join our cutting-edge parser team to help maintain the natural language component of Wolfram|Alpha. If you are a smart, engaging self-starter who is interested in diving into complex problems and bringing new, unique, and even entrepreneurial vision to our development paths, then this position might be the perfect fit for you.


  • Solid knowledge of a symbolic or dynamic programming language (e.g. Mathematica, Python, Ruby, Clojure)
  • Knowledge of Java or a similar strongly typed object-oriented language
  • A degree in computer science, mathematics, or linguistics with a strong programming background

Preferred Requirements:

  • Fluency in a foreign language
  • MySQL experience and an understanding of database design principles
  • Interest in or knowledge of natural language processing


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