Software Engineer (Web Technologies)


Wolfram, makers of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, are seeking motivated software engineers to help build innovative and scalable web tools for various web technologies. Our software engineers work closely with project managers, designers, and our user experience group to develop specifications and deploy new, interesting technologies on the web.


  • Use various server side and client side web technologies to develop maintainable and testable code
  • Configure and deploy on various Linux web server technologies
  • Research and identify potential new technologies and architectures, and make recommendations to the team
  • Implement, debug, and troubleshoot user interfaces with HTML/CSS/ and JavaScript
  • Develop, debug, and troubleshoot web applications with Java Servlet Technology and PHP
  • Configure, debug, and troubleshoot web server technologies such as Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTPD
  • Be able to work with database technologies such as MySQL
  • Work closely with a team and communicate with efficiency and accuracy
  • Create and execute new features


  • Must be experienced in web development with Java (or similar technologies), JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Must have experience with MySQL or similar relational database
  • Must have experience with Linux administration
  • Must have experience configuring and running Apache Tomcat or similar servlet containers
  • Must be familiar with web standards and practices
  • Must be familiar with creating and consuming REST Web Services
  • Familiarity with Apache HTTPD web server is a plus
  • Familiarity with PHP and Perl for web development is a plus
  • Familiarity with Liferay is a plus
  • Familiarity with working with scalable, clustered servers is a plus

Location: Champaign, Illinois


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