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Grids, Rows, and Columns in Mathematica
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Grids, Rows, and Columns in Mathematica
Pages: 26, b&w
ISBN: 978-1-57955-066-0
Year: 2008

Mathematica provides a broad range of powerful constructs for laying out content on a screen or page. They are designed to be immediately useful for the beginner, yet also allow fine control over almost every aspect of their appearance. These constructs can be placed into three families: constructs that appear within notebooks as typesetting structures, functions that generate graphics whose contents are arranged on a grid, and constructs that can appear inside grids to adjust details of formatting.

Table of Contents

The Basic Constructs | Classes of Functionality | Options Syntax | Columns, Rows, Gutters, and Items | Dividers and Frames | Alignment and Positioning | Background and Style | Spanning and Nesting | Sizing and Spacing

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