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System Administration Guide
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System Administration Guide
Pages: 165, b&w
ISBN: 978-1-57955-075-2
Year: 2008

This tutorial collection details system administration for both single-machine and network license users of Mathematica.

Single-machine licenses are used for standalone installations of Mathematica (those that do not connect to a license server). For environments with single-machine licenses, Mathematica system administration consists of installing and customizing Mathematica. This tutorial collection contains basic instructions as well as advanced information for administrators of large sites.

A network license permits a specified number of copies of Mathematica to run concurrently on a network, making Mathematica available to multiple users and machines. Mathematica system administration in a network license environment involves setting up two separate components. First, the Mathematica license manager, MathLM, is installed on the license server to handle the details of license activity. Then, Mathematica is installed as a client of MathLM.

Table of Contents

System Administration for Network Licenses
What is MathLM? | Installing MathLM | Launching MathLM | Logging MathLM | Monitoring MathLM | Restricting and Reserving Licenses | Troubleshooting MathLM | Windows | Unix and Linux | Mac OS X

System Administration for Single-Machine Licenses
Windows | Unix and Linux | Mac OS X

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