A Researcher's Playground: Designing Children's Playground Equipment with Mathematica

Markus van Almsick, Consultant

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The Mathematica Edge
  • Provides superior symbolic capabilities
  • Accelerates the comparison process for long lists of variables
  • Supplies tools needed to try multiple methods for best results
"This capability of not having to compile things and not having to stick to a certain technology, mathematically speaking, helps quite a bit--the freedom of choice [for] what mathematical tools to use."


"Mathematica is a researcher's playground," says Markus van Almsick. Recently, he used the diverse functionalities in the software to design a children's playground and zip-line that meet Germany's strict safety requirements.

The power of Mathematica enabled him to easily calculate values for a long list of variables, including speed, height, and tension, and to develop the perfect blueprint in record time.