SchematicSolver 2 Accelerates Complex Systems Analysis with Mathematica 5

March 8, 2004--Independent developers Miroslav Lutovac and Dejan Tosic have recently released SchematicSolver 2, a new version of their application package specially designed to work with Mathematica 5. The package offers users working in signal processing, systems, and circuits enhanced functionality that is unavailable in any other software for drawing and solving schematic systems.

Effortlessly mouse-driven, SchematicSolver 2 adds powerful modeling of multirate systems, automated generation of software implementation directly from schematics, and symbolic signal processing with multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, while maintaining the reliability and sophistication of the seminal release. Version 2 features new functions to generate common schematics with symbolic system parameters, discrete Fourier transform spectra, and discrete-time Fourier transform spectra.

Though intricate enough for engineers and other professionals, SchematicSolver 2, with its speed and Mathematica-based interactivity, is also a user-friendly tool for learning systems analysis, implementation, and design. The extensive online documentation contains detailed examples suitable for use in engineering courses or independent study.

With practical and theoretical applications, SchematicSolver 2 is designed for anyone weary of the inefficiency of traditional prototyping methods. Able to team up with other Mathematica applications like Control System Professional, SchematicSolver 2 furnishes a unique and dynamic computational environment for systems analysis and simulation, all with the technological advances of Mathematica 5.

Visit the SchematicSolver product pages for more information.