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Wolfram Presenter Tools

The ultimate technical presentation environment with live interactivity.

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Easily create responsive technical presentations and add a whole new dimension of interactivity and live computation. Edit examples on the fly, change parameters with onscreen controls and pull from live audio/video feeds and curated datasets to encourage meaningful audience participation—all directly from a Wolfram Notebook.

Key Features: For Presentation

Interactive manipulation

Adjust parameter values and generate new results during your presentation.

Real-time data

Keep your presentation accurate and up to date with instant access to computable data.

Notes and navigation

Insert notes inline as you prepare, then follow along in a separate window while presenting.


Paste side code directly into your presentation for immediate evaluation.


Write, edit and execute code during your presentation for interactive computations.

Rotatable 3D graphics

Include 3D objects in your presentation, and interactively rotate them around any axis.


Automatically scale presentation elements to any screen resolution with no extra prep.

In-slide scrolling

Make room for oversized graphics, expanded lists and more with vertical scrolling.

Key Features: For Preparation

Quick-editing toolbar

Manage slide show controls and options from one convenient interface.

Slide theme gallery

Choose from professionally designed styles and color schemes that are easy to customize.

Technical typesetting

Integrate thousands of technical symbols and typeset forms in a publication-quality layout.

Easy theme editing

Adjust individual cell styles, then instantly apply changes across your entire stylesheet.

Custom plot styles

Use built-in presets or programmatically tweak visualizations to fit your presentation.

One-click presenting

Instantly switch between authoring and presenting modes.

Fine layout adjustment

Easily nudge and resize elements for optimal slide arrangement.

Scrolling edit mode

Conveniently edit and arrange your content in a continuous scrolling mode.

Hierarchical structure

Arrange elements in a collapsible cell structure for easy organization.

Configurable controls

Select your preferred keyboard commands for optimal navigation of your slide show.

Slide break defaults

Automatically divide any notebook into slides by section or chapter.