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Wolfram Mathematica Fuzzy Logic

The Most Flexible Environment for Exploring Fuzzy Systems

Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Logic brings you an essential set of tools for creating, modifying, and visualizing fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic-based systems. Ideal for engineers, researchers, and educators, Fuzzy Logic provides practical examples that introduce you to basic concepts of fuzzy logic and demonstrate how to effectively apply the tools in the package to a wide variety of fuzzy system design tasks. Experienced fuzzy logic designers will find it easy to use the package to research, model, test, and visualize highly complex systems.

The package's built-in functions help you at every stage of the fuzzy logic design process as you define inputs and outputs, create fuzzy set membership functions, manipulate and combine fuzzy sets and relations, apply inferencing functions to system models, and incorporate defuzzification routines. Ready-to-use graphics routines make it easy to visualize defuzzification strategies, fuzzy sets, and fuzzy relations.

"This is the most useful computational package for the use and study of fuzzy logic by practicing professionals and students."

Timothy J. Ross, author of Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications and editor-in-chief of Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems

Fuzzy Logic also takes advantage of Mathematica notebooks, letting you combine fuzzy design settings, computations, 2D and 3D graphics, and even text in a single document on screen. This interactive document format not only is useful to professionals working on a complex fuzzy model but also is ideal for presenting concepts to students and allows them to turn in completed homework assignments and lab reports either electronically or on paper as a printed notebook.

The package comes with electronic documentation, which is fully integrated with the Mathematica Help Browser.

Fuzzy Logic 2.0.2 requires Mathematica 5.0-5.2 and is available for all Mathematica platforms.

Note: For registered users of Fuzzy Logic 2, a version compatible with Mathematica 5.0-5.2 is available for download.

Fuzzy Logic is © 1995-2005 Soft Control, Inc.
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