Easily Edit and Navigate Code

Source Code Editor

The source code editor provides powerful source code editing with syntax coloring, error reporting, and more. The errors are reported with a Problems window and mouseover usage messages for convenient assistance. Workbench 2 provides extended code and section folding, improved code hover, and the ability to search for references to a symbol. Some of the important features of the source code editor include:

Text and Pattern Searching

Workbench supplements text searching with pattern searching, which lets you find certain structures in your code. For example, if you want to find every instance of Mathematica code in your workspace that has an If with two arguments, you would choose Search -> File from the menu bar, then choose the Mathematica Search tab. You could enter the pattern If[_, _], which means an If with two arguments. It also provides scripting of warnings and error markers based on Mathematica patterns.

Source and Notebook Comparison

You can use both the source and compare editors in Mathematica to view notebooks with linear syntax removed. This makes structural comparisons of notebooks very easy, which is useful when using version control systems or just for local comparison of two notebooks.

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