Integrate with Wolfram Technologies

Integrate with Wolfram Technologies


Workbench allows you to dramatically improve your productivity when developing in Mathematica. It provides advanced tools for organizing resources, preventing mistakes, and properly documenting your work. With Workbench you get all the features you would expect from an advanced IDE, such as:

  • Working with code in a specialized editor
  • Debugging programs at the source level
  • Profiling the code's execution
  • Developing and running tests
  • Coding in an integrated workgroup environment
  • Writing documentation for your application, and more
Mathematica Support


Workbench provides tools for developing sites built with webMathematica. The full development cycle is supported with a dedicated editor, project types, server controls, debugging, and real-time logging display. Integrating these tools into one application makes developing webMathematica-powered sites easier and faster than ever before.

webMathematica Tools


gridMathematica programs launched by Workbench create connections for all of the clusters kernels back to Workbench. This allows breakpoints and stack inspections to be made on any of the kernels in your gridMathematica cluster.


J/Link is a toolkit that integrates Mathematica and Java. Workbench provides a significant amount of support for developing J/Link applications, including:

  • Wizards to create projects that mix Mathematica and Java using the J/Link toolkit
  • Error markers in Mathematica when Java classes cannot be found
  • Find definition from Mathematica to the corresponding Java class
  • Launching of Mathematica and J/Link from within Workbench, allowing debugging of both Mathematica and Java at the same time
  • Download a sample J/Link project that provides real-time device interaction with Mathematica
J/Link Integration
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