Why your organization needs an enterprise-wide computation strategy

Find out how your organization can benefit from Wolfram computation solutions.

Computation is taking center stage in today's businesses, where decisions are made based on ever-increasing volumes of information. Every department, from business strategy to research and development, now depends on computational processes. This has often led to an ad hoc collection of incompatible tools, hindering the exchange of data and insights between departments.

An integrated computation platform, as part of a deliberate enterprise-wide computation strategy, overcomes these inefficiencies and enables a powerful new kind of innovation.

Computation permeates all business functions

Computation is not restricted to technical business functions, but takes place whenever staff in your organization generates and analyzes data, formulates predictions or makes decisions. Computational processes include developing an embedded image-recognition algorithm, studying corporate website traffic to improve page design or planning logistics and strategy.

One integrated computation platform is more efficient than disparate specialized tools

An integrated computation platform supports technical analyses and processes of any type and maintains their methods, data, results and interpretations in a single standard format. This encourages innovation; aids in the verification, communication and reuse of technical processes and results; and enables the rapid development of ideas into prototypes and deployed solutions.

Computation should be planned as a business strategy

Computation has become critical to organizations' competitiveness, and an integrated computation platform is now a crucial component of the enterprise infrastructure.

Just as you need enterprise-wide strategies for communication and collaboration, centralized data storage and finance and enterprise resource planning (ERP), a deliberate strategy for computation is essential to maximize the productivity of technical staff and get the most out of your intellectual assets.

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