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Chemical Engineering

Simulate your chemical processes with ready-to-deploy, fully interactive models using a combination of powerful computation, statistics and optimization, instant interactivity, and built-in chemical data. One system, one integrated workflow.
Underlying the Mathematica chemical engineering solution is the world's most sophisticated differential equation solving with automatic algorithm selection, self-checking precision control, and symbolic preprocessing–everything to get accurate results efficiently.
Ready-to-use, built-in curated data on thousands of chemical compounds
A 3D, space-filling molecular plot of caffeine using built-in chemical data
Key Capabilities
Why Choose Mathematica
Ways to Use
Key Capabilities
Why Choose Mathematica
Ways to Use
  • Advanced string and pattern matching and sequence alignment capabilities for biochemical applications »
    Competitor note: Matlab requires purchase of toolbox
  • Built-in parallel computing capabilities for solving computation- or data-intensive problems on multicore computers »
    Competitor note: Matlab requires purchase of extra toolbox for parallel computing; all major software systems require extensive programming to parallelize processes
  • Seamless integration of numerics, symbolics, interactive graphics, and all other computational aspects in one document
    Competitor note: Not possible in other software
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    Ways to Use
Key Capabilities
Why Choose Mathematica
Ways to Use
  • Solving coupled nonlinear differential equations for chemical kinetic modeling and applications in transport phenomena
  • Designing and optimizing unit operations such as distillation and adsorption processes in a chemical plant
  • Developing thermodynamic models to predict vapor-liquid equilibria of non-ideal mixtures
  • Computing Laplace transformations for process control applications
  • Numerical solution of transport equations, advanced heat and mass transfer problems, and other transport phenomena applications
  • Performing economic viability analysis for chemical plant design using built-in economic, financial, geographic, and demographic data
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    Key Capabilities

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