Customer Stories


Building the Pod Propulsion Mermaid™ System

As a world leader in ship propulsion development, it is crucial to have an in depth understanding of system dynamics. Therefore we collaborate with [Wolfram] MathCore whenever we need to develop and analyze dynamic models of our systems.

—Stig Lönngren, Responsible for development of pod propulsion Mermaid™,
Rolls-Royce AB


Developing Engine Test Benches

When we were about to develop a new engine test bench, we contacted [Wolfram] MathCore and asked them to help us with the vibration analysis. By making a dynamic model in [SystemModeler] MathModelica they could study the system dynamics and give us design recommendations that proved to be essential for the success of the test bench.

—Tommy Andersson, Head of Engine Dynamics and Acoustics, Scania


Maximizing Gas Turbine Performance

By using [Wolfram] MathCore as an external partner, we can be sure that we really obtain a finished model with correct results, within the given constraints. We can therefore give MathCore our best recommendations.

—Lennart Näs, Manager, Gas Turbine Performance and Thermal Processes,
Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB

Universitat de BarcelonaSystems Biology

Understanding Metabolic Pathways

[SystemModeler] MathModelica provides state-of-the-art tools for kinetic analysis, which accelerates progress in the experimental area of systems biology. Read the whole story »

—Dr. Vitaly Selivanov, Universitat de Barcelona

Linköpings universitetPharmaceutical

Individualizing Drug Dosage

The combination of [SystemModeler] MathModelica's user-friendly modeling environment and the possibility of analyzing the results with Mathematica's rich functionality proved to be a powerful tool. Read the whole story »

—Martin Fransson, PhD student, Linköpings universitet

Wolfram SystemModeler was known as MathModelica prior to the acquisition of MathCore by Wolfram Research, Inc. in March 2011.

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