A Pendulum Dangling from a Slider-Crank

How can you use Wolfram SystemModeler to model a pendulum dangling from a slider-crank?

The Dangling Pendulum Model

The crank wheel has a fixed translational position and a set rotational speed that drives the rest of the system. The pendulum joint has to be modeled in a certain way in order for its y position to be locked while simultaneously allowing both rotational movement and translational movement in the x direction.
The model as seen in the diagram view in Wolfram SystemModeler. The pendulum joint is modeled with a prismatic joint, for the ability to lock its y position and allow movement along the x axis, and two revolute joints. Two revolute joints are needed to get the correct degrees of freedom.

Simulation and Animation

By extracting the variables describing the movement of the different mechanical parts, Wolfram SystemModeler and Mathematica can be combined to create an interactive visualization of the dangling pendulum.

Create model‐based visualizations using Wolfram SystemModeler Link

The dangling pendulum is well suited for animation in Mathematica, where the movement of different mechanical parts can be obtained directly from SystemModeler simulation results.