How to Buy SystemModeler

Group & Organization Licensing

Whether you're licensing Wolfram technologies for your entire organization, department, or workgroup, you're sure to find a plan that fits your needs. Discover which option is best for you.

Site Licenses and Volume-Purchase Programs

Whether you need access for 2 users or 20,000, our flexible and affordable volume-purchase and site license programs feature the following group benefits:

  • Flexible configurations for easy administration
    Select any combination of single-machine or network licenses, providing unlimited installations and easy administration
  • Local or global access
    Choose from licenses that accommodate a small group at a single location to those that provide global access for all members of your organization
  • Group access to Premier Service benefits
    Receive free upgrades, technical support, and home-use licenses for members of your group*
  • A variety of products for a variety of users
    Customize your license with any combination of Wolfram products, including Student Editions that extend learning outside the classroom

Network Licenses

Network licensing offers the easiest, most flexible, and most cost-effective way to buy, distribute, and administer Wolfram products.

You can install network seats on any of our supported platforms, allowing you to easily integrate our products into your technology infrastructure, whether you plan to use them as desktop applications or high-powered back-end calculation engines.

These licenses offer several advantages over the single-machine model, including a reduced per-user cost, greater convenience for users and administrators, and the most efficient method of distribution.

  • Reduced license costs through shared deployment
    Network seats can be distributed across thousands of machines on a local-area network, allowing users to access the software as needed. Whether their needs are project-based, occasional, or dedicated, the network license model provides a cost-effective and efficient way of deploying Wolfram technologies.
  • Greater convenience for users and system administrators
    Network licenses offer a convenient solution to users and administrators by removing the need for multiple license numbers, passwords, or license keys. End users can be up and running within minutes without the need to memorize or track individual licensing information, and IT can streamline its procurement process with fewer purchase requests.
  • Maximizes application use and minimizes loss of investment
    Organizations are constantly in the process of updating and purchasing new hardware, hiring new employees, and shifting internal resources. Network licensing allows for the most efficient distribution of our products to a given user base and protects the licensing from being accidentally wiped from a computer or forgotten on a shelf.

Frequently Asked Questions about Network Licensing

Can I upgrade from single-machine licenses to a network license?

Yes, you can. Please contact us.

If my organization has a volume-purchase or site license program, can a network license be included under that program?

Yes, network licenses may be included under all of our available licensing programs. Contact us to receive information on a program that will best meet your needs.

What happens if all seats are in use and someone tries to start an additional one?

The user will receive a message that the seat limit has been reached and will be offered the option to retry, go to another server, or enter a single-machine activation key. It is easy to add more seats to your license by contacting us.

What if the network connection between client and server gets interrupted?

The licenses will be recovered and the network made available to other processes within eight minutes.

Can I still save my work if the connection to the license server is severed?

Yes, networked Wolfram programs will prompt you to save your work automatically if they cannot connect to the license manager during a session.

How does Premier Service work with network licenses?

Premier Service can be purchased for a network license in the same way as for a single-machine license. You receive the same benefits, including free upgrades and home-use for up to the same number of people as seats you purchased. Note, however, that if you choose to purchase Premier Service, it must be purchased for all seats and servers in a given network installation.

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