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Notebook Document

In 1988 Wolfram Research invented the notebook document. Unlike other documents, notebooks are live--combining interactive typeset inputs and outputs, 2D and 3D graphics, calculations, Mathematica programs, text, and other elements.

Mathematica notebooks are automatically reformatted for screen or printout--optimizing fonts and layout for each medium. Notebooks are the ideal hub for all of an individual's or group's technical work, able to encompass the structure of almost any file or data format, and with import and export capability for hundreds of formats. Mathematica notebooks make it straightforward to generate complete reports that interleave not only top-quality styled text, graphics, tables, typeset math, animations, and outlining, but also immediately allow sophisticated user interfaces and interactive elements.

  • Immediate symbolic generation of fully styled complex documents
  • Support for arbitrary outlining, e.g. showing graphics with code hidden
  • Support for hierarchical, tab, slide, flip, opener, and other document organizations
  • Direct faithful XML-compatible symbolic representation of all documents.

Because notebooks are expressions, their characteristics can be changed programmatically using the familiar Mathematica language.

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