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Calculators Are for Calculating, Mathematica Is for Calculus

Mathematica is the educational standard for software use in the first-year calculus classroom, allowing students to visualize concepts and develop skills essential for other STEM classes. This course demonstrates easy ways to begin integrating Mathematica into first-year calculus through tutorials, lesson plans, interactive lab activities, and more. Learn how Mathematica's free-form linguistic input, predictive interface, and point-and-click palettes allow students to begin using Mathematica without learning syntax.

Level: Beginner

The course requires no previous experience with Mathematica.

On Demand
This course is available on demand (27:47) Free
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  • Go beyond formula memorization
  • Engage students and enhance learning with advanced graphics
  • Focus on the big picture by emphasizing analysis and critical thinking
  • Identify patterns without busywork
  • Help students of different abilities and learning styles
  • Connect calculus to the real world
  • Locate relevant Wolfram Demonstrations, textbooks with a Mathematica component, and other teaching resources
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