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Grigory Fridman

Grigory Fridman

Since first working with Mathematica 2.2 in 1996, most of Grigory Fridman’s research publications have been produced
using Mathematica. He began teaching his “Programming in Mathematica” course in 2000. His courses “Numerical Methods”
and “Higher and Linear Algebra” are also heavily based on Mathematica. His research projects include optimal overbooking
modeling for airline revenue management, demand-driven scheduling of movies in a multiplex, and implementing Mathematica
in higher education.

Fridman is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Mathematica Modeling at Saint Petersburg
State Marine Technical University and Professor, Chair of Department of Economical Cybernetics and Mathematical Methods
for Economics, at Saint Petersburg State University of Economics.

Organization: Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (FINEC) and Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University (SMTU), Russian Federation
Degrees: Engineering Diploma in Applied Mathematics, SMTU

Doctor of Sciences in Applied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics, SMTU
Languages: Russian, English
Interests: Optimization models in schedule planning and revenue management problems, asymptotics in fluid mechanics, Mathematica in education