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Sourav Mukherjee

Sourav Mukherjee

Throughout his master’s degree studies, Sourav Mukherjee has had exposure to a broad range of topics in mathematics and computer science. He has a special interest in numerical methods and optimization and graph theory and has used Mathematica in his projects on numerical methods and optimization.

In computer science, his favorite topic is programming language theory, in which he has been keenly interested since 2007. Before discovering Mathematica, he studied programming language theory and explored functional programming languages like OCaml and Scheme. His interest in functional programming eventually led him to Mathematica, which he considers to be the most expressive programming language he has come across yet.

Since joining SCUBE Scientific Software Solutions (P) Ltd. in 2010, Sourav has been touring various universities in India to spread awareness of Mathematica. A major part of his work is preparing course material in Mathematica that can be integrated with the mathematics, computer science, and physics syllabi of colleges and universities in India. In his presentations, he likes to stress the potential of Mathematica as a fertile environment for interdisciplinary work in mathematics and the characteristics of the Mathematica programming language to induce new ways of thinking about the implementation of algorithms.

Organization: SCUBE Scientific Software Solutions (P) Ltd., New Delhi, India
Degrees: Five-year integrated MSc in Mathematics and Computing, IIT Kharagpur
Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali
Interests: Experimental mathematics, programming language theory, Sanskrit linguistics, nature, eschatology
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