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Fabián Romero

Fabián Romero

Fabián Romero began using Mathematica in 1996 as a student and then as a teacher of multivariable calculus. His mentors Norma Cravanzola, María Elena Trumbich, and Paulo Porta taught him calculus, computing, and numerical calculus using Mathematica, respectively.

At the Haedo campus of Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Romero has held the position of Assistant of Multivariable Calculus (Análisis Matemático 2) since 1998. He teaches and promotes the use of Mathematica as a tool for enhancing techniques to solve problems. He manages a Mathematica section of course exercises at his calculus course page.

Organization: Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Haedo, Argentina
Degrees: Profesor de Física, Instituto Superior de Formación Docente y Técnica N140
Languages: Spanish, English, some French
Interests: Cooking, visiting family, enjoying leisure time with pet cats and dog, studying

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