Stephen Wolfram An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language
Practicalities of Using the Wolfram Language
Watch the video from the Wolfram U training series based on An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language for step-by-step examples demonstrating the basics of the programming language. Try each example interactively within from the companion workbook, which also includes a full transcript. In case you lose your place, you can click the blue timestamp above any excerpt to jump to that point in the video.
Some cool features to try out:
  • Use the Open Cloud scratchpad to take notes, try out various functions or just follow along with the video to improve your coding.
  • Stay on track with your overall course progress from various indicators throughout the interface.
  • Rearrange course elements to fit your needs. Hide the table of contents by clicking the thick gray vertical bar. Resize frames by clicking and dragging the dividers. Click, drag and drop tabs to reorder them or move them to different locations.