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Kurt Bøge

Kurt Bøge

Kurt Bøge has used Mathematica extensively for the development of teaching materials and courseware. He has been the key person in a large-scale Mathematica project in the Danish high schools and has instructed high school teachers in the use of Mathematica.

Bøge spent more than 15 years teaching physics, mathematics, and computer science at the high school level. Since then he has spent several years designing, implementing, and teaching people how to use the Sektornet, the Danish school network, which is a unique infrastructure connecting all Danish educational institutions to the internet.


UNI-C, Aarhus, Denmark


MS in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, University of Aarhus
Further studies in Computer Science, University of Aarhus


English, Scandinavian languages


Traveling and the pedagogical use and influence of information technology in the educational system