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Andrey Makarenko

Andrey Makarenko

Andrey Makarenko was first introduced to Mathematica in 2000 and has been using it systematically in his scientific research analysis and calculations since Version 6. Mathematica is now his main tool for solving scientific problems, both fundamental and applied. Makarenko has used Wolfram Workbench for developing large algorithmic code and relies on Mathematica for cognitive visualization of calculations and designing illustrations for publications, reports, and presentations. Makarenko heads the Constructive Cybernetics Research Group in Moscow and is a senior researcher at the Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

Makarenko has teaching experience with programming languages, cybernetics, and systems analysis. He uses Mathematica to develop applications for numerical mathematical calculations and data processing on high-performance computing systems.


Constructive Cybernetics Research Group, Moscow
Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow


PhD in Systems Analysis, Management and Data Processing


Russian, English


Analysis of the structure of complex dynamic processes, predictability, detection, classification, and diagnosis of not-fully-observed objects (patterns), synchronization and self-organization in nonlinear and chaotic systems, modeling of economic, financial, social, and biophysical systems and processes of research in the field of convergence of data science, Big Data, and data networking