Using Wolfram Player Pro

Can I use documents intended for Wolfram CDF Player in Player Pro? Yes. Player Pro provides full support for viewing and interacting with .nb, legacy .nbp, and .cdf files. Notebooks saved normally in Mathematica are .nb files. The legacy .nbp format was used by Mathematica Player, an earlier Wolfram runtime. Notebooks saved in Mathematica as .cdf files are interactive in the free CDF Player as well as in Player Pro. Additional features such as data import or text input may be available in .cdf files running in Player Pro.

Is there an upgrade path from Player Pro to Mathematica? Yes. Contact us for more information.

Can I purchase Player Pro on behalf of my users and then supply it with my application? Yes. There are a number of options that will allow you to distribute Player Pro and manage your customer licenses. Volume discounts are available. For more information, visit our licensing page.

Can I create new content using Player Pro? No. If you're making new content, you need Mathematica or one of the cloud-based options that will be available soon.

Can I export my work using Player Pro? Yes. Player Pro can export notebooks in a variety of formats and for a variety of applications. In addition, applications can be written to dynamically export user data while running in Player Pro.

Is Player Pro available for iPad? The iPad is an important part of our strategy. Contact us for more details about when support for this platform becomes available.

Is Player Pro available for other mobile devices? We are actively pursuing solutions for all mobile devices, including cloud-based services. Contact us for more details when support for mobile platforms becomes available.

What's the difference between .nb, legacy .nbp, and .cdf files? Notebooks saved normally in Mathematica are .nb files, viewable but not interactive in CDF Player. Notebooks saved in Mathematica as .cdf files make content interactive in CDF Player. Notebook files previously created online as legacy .nbp files will also operate interactively in CDF Player, and users of Mathematica 6 or 7 can continue to save their notebooks as legacy .nbp using the Mathematica Player signing portal.

What's the difference between Wolfram Player Pro and Wolfram CDF Player? Both Player Pro and CDF Player are standalone runtimes for interactive .nb and .cdf files and applications, but Player Pro supports extra features such as data import and text input. For details, see the features comparison chart.

Developing for Player Pro

Can I make a commercial product powered by Player Pro? Yes. Visit our licensing page or contact us about other options.

If my program was developed with an InputField, what kind of data can be entered when it's running in Player Pro? Player Pro accepts numerical, textual, and symbolic entries. Input fields will not accept Mathematica programs.

What's the process for making my notebooks interactive for Player Pro users? Just save them normally from within Mathematica (as notebooks or CDFs). Content that is dynamically interactive in Mathematica will also be interactive in Player Pro, with a few exclusions. See the developer guidelines for details.

Can I encrypt source code? Yes, source code can be encrypted. For additional information, view the developer guidelines or watch this screencast.